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More than 2 million Australians own investment properties and of those, more than half earn $80K or less. Have they been left out in the cold, when it comes to COVID-19 support? Anna Porter, Principal at Suburbanite believes so.

Looking at global returns across asset classes, Tony Crabb of Cushman & Wakefield tells us that even with the diminishing returns across the retail segment, industrial has been the shining light of the commercial property market. “The worst is probably behind us” he says “the charts, as they come out and we get a read on them in August, will still be looking backwards and we’ll see how bad this period we’re in right now has actually been.”

And finally, we take a look at lifestyle property 32 St Alouarn Place in the beautiful wine region of Margaret River, Western Australia with Brook Palmateer of ACTON – South West.

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Jason Dasey

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15 June, 2020