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Unemployment, Underemployment and Redeployment - Where Are We Headed

Property Line - 01 Jan 1970

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With the announcement last week of a better than expected unemployment rate of 6.2%, the Australian government was quick to credit their JobKeeper program for keeping Australian’s at work. But what are the real numbers and how does the participation rate mask the true unemployment rate?

This week on Property Line, Jason and Tony Crabb from Cushman & Wakefield, go behind the marketing, breakdown the statistics, and talk through the downstream impacts of the unemployed, underemployed, and redeployed on commercial real estate.

In a black swan event are there any winners? And who are they?

Our regular panelist Anna Porter, Principal at Suburbanite looks for the good amongst the gloom, finding opportunity for first home buyers and government employees and gives us a look into her crystal ball with a view of 2021.

And special guest Loretta Cavallaro joins Jason from Varo Property in Adelaide to update us on the slow but steady market in Australia’s City of Churches and how COVID-19 could have an unexpected growth effect there.

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18 May, 2020