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Property Line features LIVE on Property TV every Monday morning, Australia Eastern Standard timed

Join Jason Dasey as he looks at the changing face of property. This week's show features Dr Andrew Wilson founder at Wilson Home Price Index, Anna Porter from Suberbanite, and Tony Crabb of Cushman Wakefield. 

Dr Andrew Wilson speaks with Steve Doyle on how COVID-19 is impacting property, auctions and private treaty sales. Dr Wilson has created an index that tracks on a daily basis a real-time property pulse.

Anna Porter addresses rental relief, what it means for Landlords and Tenants across residential and commercial properties. The National Cabinet has put together a set of Guiding Principles, which are available on The National Cabinet website

Paul Curtain of Place in Brisbane speaks of the impact of COVID-19 has had on his community and how buyers and sellers are reacting. 

Tony Crabb of Cushman Wakefield looks at the world's view of how COVID-19 has impacted property.

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27 April, 2020