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How Your One Dollar Pricing Mistake Could Cost Your Sellers Thousand

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Real estate listings used to be limited to classified ads on broadsheets or yellow pages. However, with the arrival of the internet and now, mobile technology, buyers are now presented with a lot of options, from typical search engines to mobile phone applications specifically made for the real estate industry.

With these being said and the bulk of these searches taking place through smartphones or tablets, it’s time to dump the old pricing strategies from the past and adapt to how search is conducted today.

In this episode, Bernice and Greg shares to us:

  • Why almost every listing on the market is priced wrong for use with today’s mobile technology.
  • How your small pricing mistake (as little as $1.00) can keep up to 50 percent of the buyers from finding your listing on their search.
  • Tips for leveraging the online pricing models to get the seller to lower their price (or in some cases, even raise it!)
  • What to do to avoid these small, but potentially very costly pricing mistakes when pricing your listings.

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30 January, 2020