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Establishing yourself as an advisor – Kati Hempenstall

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We all know that trust is earned - it’s a two-way street. So what’s the best way to earn it?

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Do you want to be a trusted advisor?

It takes time and a lot of effort to become a trusted advisor in your marketplace or industry, but the benefits in terms of clout and influence are definitely worth it. Young agents or people just coming into the industry can struggle with building their client base and trust - in fact, many resort to the draining practice of trial and error just to find a way that works for them.

Kati Hempenstall, co-principal of Belle Property Cornubia, joins Kevin to share the benefits of cultivating a relationship even after the sale, how your mindset can lead to great results, and proven steps new agents and people eager to become advisors must take to gain their customers’ trust.

Watch the video above for their insights. 

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26 November, 2019