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Many home buyers know their suburb inside out. They’ve lived there for years, they know every property that’s been bought or sold, and they know if the asking price has gone up or down. Despite this, it can still take them months or even years to find the right property at the right price and often the market has jumped in that time. Either that or they settle for something that doesn’t really tick all the boxes that they wanted. Tonight, I share my thoughts on why it may be good for you to use a Buyer’s Agent on a home purchase, even if you do know the market inside out. 


When COVID hit Australian shores in 2020, most people were probably thinking a career in Real Estate might not have been the greatest idea. But with the government and banks support of property and home owners throughout the year and the resilience the property market showed, could this be the ideal time to be considering a career change? Sharon Bennie, from specialist property recruitment firm Sharon Bennie Recruitment joins to tell us more. 


And finally, 2020 was what it was and while a lot of businesses sadly folded, real estate had to get on with things and make the most of the ever-changing situation. When you bring a new franchise to the table though, I very much doubt a global pandemic is in the contingency planning but that's the hand our next guest was dealt last year. And now with 10 locations throughout Australia, what's next for Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Australia? CEO Michelle Delaney shares her story. 


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29 January, 2021